Introduction to Federal Practice Program and Admission Ceremony 2023

President of the Maryland Chapter of the Federal Bar Association Robert Brennan, Louis Malick, Bradley Strickland and Hon. Theodore Chuang discuss Pleading, Jurisdiction, Venue and Removal.


Hon. Paula Xinis and Kristen Eriksson discuss motions practice. 

AUSA Brandon Moore, AFPD Rosana Chavez and Hon. Timothy Sullivan discuss Initial Appearances and Detention Hearings.

Tom Barnard and Hon. Gina L. Simms discuss discovery and ESI.

Hon. Richard D. Bennett and Hon. Benson Legg (Ret.) discuss evidence.

Hon. Ajmel Quereshi and M. Celeste Bruce (not pictured) discuss mediation.


Deena Hausner, Associate Director of The Marjorie Cook Foundation Domestic Violence Clinic discusses prob bono opportunities to assist victims of domestic violence.

Swearing in Ceremony by Hon. Lydia K. Griggsby.