Audit Committee

The Audit Committee serves the role of ensuring integrity in the accounting of the Chapter.  In carrying out this role, the Audit Committee conducts an annual audit of the books and the records of the Chapter as provided by the Chapter’s Treasurer.  The goal of the audit is to provide oversight of the financial transactions of the Chapter, as well as any reporting made thereof, and to assess internal controls of the Chapter moving forward.

Disciplinary and Admissions Committee 

The U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland’s Disciplinary and Admissions Committee establishes standards for admission to the bar of the Court and conducts such proceedings as may be necessary to determine whether members of that bar should be disbarred, suspended, publicly reprimanded, or otherwise sanctioned. The Disciplinary and Admissions Committee coordinates with the Court on matters relating to discipline and admissions. It presents the Court with the Chapter’s views on issues such as changes in the local rules governing admissions, the appointment of attorney-investigators and other issues related to disciplinary proceedings, and other matters of mutual concern to the Chapter and the Court.

DiRito Award Committee

The DiRito Award Committee selects and presents this prestigious award each year to recognize public service that furthers the FBA’s goals and vision.  The Maryland Chapter established the Peter A. DiRito Award in 1987 to honor the memory of Peter A. DiRito. Peter A. DiRito, who served as the Chapter President and was a member of the Chapter’s Board of Governors for many years. Peter’s dedicated service and leadership set the example which all of us strive to follow. 

Diversity and Inclusion Committee 

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee develops the Chapter’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The Committee provides programming, events, and educational opportunities to permit members of the federal bar opportunities to gain understanding, foster cultural sensitivity, and discuss issues affecting our community in a safe, welcoming, and inclusive forum.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees the Chapter’s outreach efforts, including this website and our periodic newsletter.  The Communications Committee is responsible for developing, updating, and monitoring the Chapter’s communications policies, social network outreach, as well as investigating and recommending new ways for the Maryland Chapter to communicate with its members and other interested parties through traditional and new media.

The Communications Committee is also responsible for updating information about the Chapter’s public-facing activities, including meetings, outreach, educational and informational programs, and social and networking events.  The Communications Committee coordinates internal communications by and between the Chapter, its Board of Directors and leadership team, and the federal bench.  For more information click here

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee helps maintain the Chapter’s thriving membership base.  The Committee engages with members and past members to ensure active involvement and participation in the Chapter.  The Committee also determines the eligibility for membership of all applicants for membership of the Chapter. 

Nominations and Elections Committee

The Nominations Committee comprises at least six members and is responsible for nominating officers and directors of the Maryland Chapter.  The Nominations Committee shall make recommendations and solicit recommendations for candidates to serve on the Chapter’s Board of Directors. The Committee meets to evaluate the current and upcoming vacancies, identify qualified candidates, and prepare the candidate slate and ballot for the annual election.   

Program Committee

The Programming Committee creates and organizations all educational programming, including our judicial fireside chat series. 

Strategic Vision Committee

The Strategic Vision Committee identifies goals, needs, and strategies that will best advance the Chapter’s mission. The Committee is responsible for developing measurable goals, setting priorities for implementation, and re-evaluating the Chapter’s internal and external strategies on an ongoing basis.

Younger Lawyers Committee

The Younger Lawyers Committee seeks to empower lawyers navigating the early years of their careers. Additionally, the Committee is responsible for serving as a liaison with our law student members.The Committee regularly organizes networking opportunities and provides resources to help members grow their federal practice skillset.

Website Committee

The Website Committee seeks members interested in designing and keeping the Chapter's website updated.