Important Information Regarding Your Maryland Chapter Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Federal Bar Association, Maryland Chapter.  We’re routing you through this page so that you can join the Maryland Chapter.  Your Maryland Chapter membership is an adjunct to your national Federal Bar Association membership, and there’s no way to join the Maryland Chapter without first/also joining the national organization.  We hope the brief guidance below will help move you efficiently through those on-line membership steps.

Clicking “Continue” at the bottom of this page will take you to the national FBA website page headed “Sign In or Create an Account.”  There is no need to enter your email address on that page; just click the  button.  Doing so will prompt you to enter your email address on the next page and click “Search.”

Assuming you’re not already an FBA member under that email address, the search will report back that “No matching result was found” and present you with another button.  Click that button.

When you’ve entered the information sufficient to “Create [your] Profile,” your information will be summarized on a page headed “My Profile,” with the “Membership Status” shown as “Non-Member.”  Click .

And here’s the pivotal part:  The next screen is headed “Online Membership Application.”  After selecting the applicable category of “National Membership” from the top drop-down, be sure to add/select the Maryland Chapter additional membership from the “Chapter Membership” drop-down directly underneath.  Doing so signs you up for membership in the Maryland Chapter, the additional benefits of which are funded by the modest additional dues amount.  Add any Section Memberships or Division Memberships you choose and follow the familiar steps through a shopping cart and checkout.

Thanks again. We look forward to having you as our next Maryland Chapter member.